The first decade of the 21 century saw majority of our consortium members focusing their efforts mostly on the motorway structures in Slovenia, where we prepared designs and carried out construction supervision.

We have always been actively involved in the design of existing Slovenian primary road network reconstructions as well as with design of extension of the Slovenian railway infrastructure.

In the last years, we have been active also internationally, mostly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Italia and Libya, performing designs, design revisions, technical consulting and supervisions of all types of construction projects.

PROVENTUS team has more than 100 employees among there are more than 60 engineers which offer design revisions, supervisions, technical consulting and engineering for the entire projects for road, motorway and railway sections as well as for all types of buildings, sports facilities and waste water treatment plants.

In PROVENTUS team we believe in logical-rational, innovative, and high-quality solutions. Pursuing those principles and the use of modern technology enables optimum execution of the structures and makes them sustainable, easy to maintain as well as harmonious and visually appealing.

Seeking new challenges, we have tried our luck at engineering projects which we see as an upgrade and added value of our core services. Based on our previous experience with design & build projects, we are keenly aware that customers prefer to deal with a single provider of services.

PREVENTUS team presentation with partner references [.pdf - 4.9MB]


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